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    Aargh. wrote:
    Feanor wrote:
    Because there are still millions of console gamers who don't want to or can't download full sized games.

    MS would be slitting their own throats to make it impossible to buy their next gen games at retail.
    Anyone who can't afford a half decent Internet connection is unlikely to be spending 400 on a new console.
    Or, you know, substantial areas of counties still without anything faster than 2-3mb.

    There's a housing development, in Kent, where the typical house price is around 600k-700k. There's about 1000 houses in that area. The internet connection is 1.2gb. Virgin aren't allowed to go in and lay cabling as the developers of the privately owned land won't allow it.

    There are plenty in rural and semi-rural areas all over the country where the broadband speeds are still pretty terrible, and look likely to be the same for some time yet. Certainly the next 3-4 years as a minimum.

    I get 2.3mb. That is the fastest I can get in my area. There's no cable available and unlikely to be for a while. There's a house just sold for 1.4m literally a few hundred yards from my (much, much more modest) house that also can't get anything more than 2.3mb.

    Hardly restricted to four castles in Scotland.
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