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    teamHAM wrote:
    I live in a pretty affluent town (a few miles from a large urban hub, not in the middle of nowhere) where there are a lot of expensive houses, and yet the internet is trash. The BT exchanges are overloaded and generally the telecoms infrastructure is poor (we also have poor cell signal). Without a cable alternative to go to we are stuck on sub-standard slow BT speeds (which are throttled even further in the evenings due to the extreme pounding of everyone logging on to the limited resources) until either Virgin decide to route cabling here (unlikely in the near future), or we move.

    This heavily influences any decisions to do with anything that requires a good connection (a list that is growing rapidly) and yet has nothing to do with whether I can afford it or not. I expect there are many in the same situation. In many places in the UK the infrastructure is still just not there.
    Agreed, the infrastructure is shocking in the UK, although the Welsh assembly is investing in superfast broadband but god knows when it's going to be rolled out.

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