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    Armoured_Bear wrote:
    I had no idea it was so fucked in the UK.
    For a 1Mbps connection a 20 GB game will take 33 hours or so.

    My Max Payne 3 download was 30 odd gig on PC, think GTA4 and Liberty City was silly sizes too.
    There's the slow speeds and then there's throttling too.

    On O2, who aren't meant to throttle as far as I'm aware, I can get 2.3mbps.

    If I download on my PC, I get 2.3mbps. If I watch Youtube, I get closer to 900mbps. On Sky player, 1440mbps. If I download on my 360, I get 2.2mbps. If I download on my PS3, I get 1.3mbps.

    The base speeds are shit for many, the actual speeds you get for different applications and tasks can be even worse.

    It'll get better, and I agree that MS shouldn't have to concern themselves with the shitty infrastructure in the UK, but it is what it is. And an always on internet console is fucked up for numerous reasons. Having to connect it once a week or something if they want to have verification I can understand, but when internet is down, a router dies, or changing ISPs, effectively you won't be able to do anything on the console.

    I'm not entirely convinced that will entirely be the case, I can see some sort of needing to regularly connect but not always be on, but if it's the latter...well, as others have said, I'll grab some popcorn and see what happens.
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