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    This primary thing you speak of is nonsense. The symmetry of a DS is just as good. If 'primary' is the supposed pinnacle then the right stick would also have to move and swap positions with the face buttons.

    It looks to me like the prototype PS4 controller is fine, symmetrical (like our hands are) but with tighter spacing for better comfort.
    If its nonsense then why has every other post PS1 pad design used a non symmetrical analogue stick placement? DC, GC, Xbox/360, WiiU...
    Because they're lazy cunts, and swapping stuff around is a really easy way to make stuff look different?

    And the Wii U has symmetrical analogue sticks.
    Or because its the better solution.

    And yeah WiiU does have symmetrical sticks but the left stick still takes priority over the dpad.
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