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    agparrot wrote:
    Ok, one more from Tom Bramwell, then I'll stop, I promise:

    What's going to be a huge blow is that having spent at least the last couple of years watching its share of the multi-platform market grow and Nintendo's dwindle and Sony's erode slightly, as Xbox proved the best platform for most of those titles, PS3 is not only going to be the platform most developers pin their banner to first in the next generation; the games are actually going to look better this time too. And with that, it's hard to take seriously Microsoft's assertion that it can be number one in this generation. You know what? Frankly, going on what I've seen so far, I'm not even convinced Xbox 360 and PS3 are the same generation.
    Just goes to show how fruitful crystal-balling it really is.
    Jeesh! I remember the EG nerdgasm over the PS3 (and the subsequent fallout when, y'know, reality reared its ugly head) - but I'd forgotten just how embarrasing it all was. Wonder if they've learned their lesson for this round of announcements?
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