#9382609, By agparrot Next generation of consoles come in

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    muttler wrote:
    Who's getting a PS4 then?
    Pretty sure it was ronuds that said, weeks ago, that he's open to either getting a PS4 or a 720 or a maybe a Steambox, and I feel the same way. I'm happy for the people that can afford them all but I can't. As much as I'd like to return to a time when I was a day-one adopter, I'm happy to let my peers play both platforms for a few months, for there to be some debate about whether one is better than the other (not just rabid fanboy dribblings) and then I'll take the plunge based on that.

    So my answer is 'maybe', but that childish part of me that still loves games is pretty excited about the Sony meeting tonight, whether it's to be surprised and delighted, or even if I just end up shaking my head at their continued detachment from reality.
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