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    Feanor wrote:
    richardiox wrote:
    Turn 10 released Forza 2,3 and 4 in one generation. Polyphony have managed to squeeze out one game that was so lacking on launch (no online matchmaking?!) they've been patching it for two years since. A high percentage of the car models in GT4 were even ported over from GT3. Not to mention the fact that reviews wise it has fared worse than its competitor.
    Polyphony put out GT 5 Prologue, GT PSP, and GT 5 and sold 18.4 million copies.

    Wasnt prologue just an early build of GT5. All of the content ended up in GT5 any way. Polyphony's output has hardly been prolific this gen and I dont think mentioning Prologue helps their case much.
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