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    Disclaimer : The following is pure speculation / wish full thinking. (But sometimes it's fun dream)

    Sony revealing that the PS4 is going to have 8gb of GDDR5 ram has caused concern about the leaked Durango specifications, but this has got me thinking what if the leaked Durango specs are only half of the picture and I mean that quite literally. Some of the rumours doing the rounds during last year were that MS were considering a duel GPU set-up what if they've instead decided to double up all the hardware?

    A snap reaction would say that that was a ridiculous idea and would be way too expensive but if you stop and think it through the silicon cost could potentially be similar to the cost of the PS4 setup;

    The Memory : DDR3 is significantly cheaper then GDDR5, so 16Gb of DDR3 isn't going to break the bank when bought in bulk

    The GPU : Both consoles are said to be using a similar AMD GPU the main difference being that PS4's chip has 18 CUs vs the Durango's 12 CUs however the 12 CU should have a higher fabrication yield (It wouldn't surprise me if the chip was actually an 18 CU chip with 6 turned off designing a chip to detect faulty CUs and include those in the 6 it turns of wouldn't be difficult)

    Th CPU : Rumours suggest that Durango uses 2 of the 8 cores for the OS on the second CPU it could simply have 2 of the core deactivated. Again improving fabrication yield.

    While I'm no expert all of the above could enable MS to produce the system for a similar cost to what Sony are paying for PS4 or at least close enough that retail prices only differ by 50 at launch.

    Further thought on how this would work;

    The Data Move module : There has been a lot of speculation about what this actually does. What if this manages passing data between the 2 halves of the system? This could reduce some of the inefficiencies of a 2 CPU system. The GPU in this scenario would be linked using CrossFire.

    In a recent interview with EPIC (who we know work closely with MS) they were talking about about 2.5TFlops being an import mile stone for graphics and on paper doubling up the Durangos leaked GPU specs gets you to 2.46TFlops (Coincidence ? ) ((Typically I can't find the article to back that up as there are several article on EG with EPIC talking next gen and I can't find the right one :( ))

    Of course CrossFire on PC only yields about 80% of the GPU's potential, but when put into a fixed environment developers should be able to greatly improve on that. Even at 80% your getting more flops then the PS4 so multiplatform development should be nice and easy with parity between the 2 systems achievable using the stock CrossFire driver.

    As I say this is pure speculation and probably so far from the truth to be laughable but though I'd share.
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