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    Kid_Icarus wrote:
    I'm not sure where I stand on the next-gen. With that fancy controller, all that RAM and the Eye possibly packed in with the PS4 it's going to be hideously expensive isn't it?
    And if Microsoft's specs are more modest, it'll be the slightly cheaper alternative which will definitely count for something, especially with backwards compatibility. I have a feeling the sales numbers will be a similar stand-off to this gen.

    Of course what will really make my mind up is games. If they can pull in some decent new IPs at the start, like MS did with the 360, they'll have my sale, but the only game that interested me at the Sony thing wasn't even an exclusive. :/
    So wait until E3 and decide. Majority of Sony devs showed nowt and sure MS have a few shocks. However you need to get off the price issue.

    Console and camera will be cheap to make so it all depends on how cheap. Personally think it will be between 350 and 400 with MS 50 cheaper but again just wait until E3
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