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    sanctusmortis wrote:Sony say they've shipped 79 million to date. Shipped, though. VGChartz says 73 million sold. Microsoft haven't updated since year end, but have sold at least a million more in the US since then.

    When you take Japan out of the equation, this generation's not even really that close, TBH. Nintendo stand at around 77 million Wiis, Microsoft at 66 million 360s, and Sony at 56 million PS3s. If it wasn't for the various national biases (MS in Japan, Sony in America) it'd likely be a lot closer.
    Those VGChartz numbers you are using are not reliable, and not even worth mentioning. The official worldwide shipped numbers for the PS3 and 360 are almost the same, and the numbers for the Wii are much higher - almost 100 million at the end of 2012.

    How have MS sold a million more 360s in the US since the end of December? They sold 281,000 in January.


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