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    The fact that the current gen launched in 2005 means it would be pretty bloody hard to not have some stand-out games during that time. COD2 was a launch titles fer cryin out loud, there've been six or so since?!

    They most disconcerting thing about this generation has been the apparent slide from making games that are supposed ot be entertaining in their own right to trying to make them THE GAME, this game will never leave your tray must demand all your time and be all you want - thus we have scheduled DLC, multiplayer shoved into essentially single player games, sections lopped off and sold back for real money.

    On top of that is the change of focus (form MS especially) as the true purpose of putting a box under your telly comes to prominance - that games were the lever and an iThing entertainment uber box is the end goal.

    That leaves those only interested in gaming understandably feeling like they are on thin ice and being used.

    Of course games are pursuing ever higher levels of quality which has driven up development times and costs which is why a lot of the above is being put in place - it seems t me though that as the demande dlevel of quality will continually go up but development costs can't the focus should be on streeamlining tols to reduce the amount of wiork required, im sure that's happening but it seems like a secondary focus>?
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