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    The design goal of this new XBox appears to have been 'the only box under your TV you'll ever need.' In practice that's impractical, as right now people receive TV content in so many different ways, Sky Box, Virgin TiVo, FreeSat, a few others just in this country alone. MS firmly believe in a future where all live TV programmes are delivered over the internet and we do away with aeriels and dishes and set top boxes, and each content provider has an application on the XBox to deliver the content with the operating system in the background providing an overlay for anything MS want to add.

    In the here and now, the best they can do is have the XBox attach to a few cable boxes with whom they've been able to strike a deal in the USA. Probably Sky will accommodate them in this country. I'm not interested in Sky content (I try not to make Murdoch richer than I have to).

    I'm hoping that we get an updated PlayTV for the PS4 which turns it into a 'terrestrial TiVo'. It's a good compromise really - you don't have to pay for all this TV malarky when you buy the console, if you want it you can get it separately.
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