#9500508, By Phattso Next generation of consoles come in

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    The inevitable subscription model will solve all future BC/game library concerns. If you never owned it, you'll never miss it.

    I'm not quite so black and white on the BC thing - I certainly don't think people should expect and demand it of a console any more than I expected my VHS tapes to work in my DVD player. I accepted it as a shitty limitation of consoles when I bought them. I've pared back my 360 catalogue (having long since ditched PS3) in anticipation of moving on to whatever's next (PC in my case).

    Now we're all on x86 it's probably not gonna be much of an issue again anyways.

    I'm not looking forward to the inevitable re-releases of all the XBLA/PSN games in HD-HD Remixes in a couple of years time though. Just make new games, you fuckers.
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