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    LeoliansBro wrote:
    Didn't the PS3 launch start with something along the lines of 'the next gen doesn't start until we say so'?

    I know that's a load of excuse-making bollocks but a delay in MS responding to the PS3 might reasonably said to be a) a timetable they'd had in mind way before Sony's announcement, b) a timetable which allows them to present a coherent package and not just a controller and some graphical promises / confirmation of developers, and c) evidence that MS is responding to Sony's offering, which is win-win for the non-fanboy consumer.

    Also has he seen something about MS's release, like, at all?
    Mark Cerny? Who knows. Having said that, if anyone knows anything I'd say a safe bet is that he does.

    re: The whole 'he who goes first wins v's going second gives an edge as you can directly tailor your response' thing. It's a timing thing isn't it? If MS announce the 720 in May, with a presentation designed to counter Sony's February reveal, then that gives Sony the opportunity to counter again at E3. By that reasoning, it could be better for MS to hold off until E3, reducing Sony's chance to reply on the biggest stage of the year.

    Just a thought.
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