#9528440, By sanctusmortis Next generation of consoles come in

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    I'll be doing what I do with everything on my current 360 anyway: everything unplugged as standard bar power and TV out, plug in what's needed as necessary, unplug when done. It's got to be able to do all the low power state stuff with Kinect unplugged, right?

    This will be a good E3, for all the wrong reasons. These pre-E3 announcements mean they have less to talk about come the show, so likely they'll either make them shorter than usual or have a ton of stupid padding. Hopefully, nothing as bad as Cirque Du So-Lame announcing Kinect.

    If current rumours are true - base Durango for new games, small cheap add-on to handle 360 backwards compatibility - then the 21/5 will be interesting. E3 will be pricing, I'm sure, and release dates; not even MS will be suicidal enough to throw that out this early.
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