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    vizzini wrote:

    Anyone that has been rocking a projector for gaming at any point will be all too aware of the day and night difference in picture quality/contrast/colour reproduction compared to any reasonable TV. The illumiroom would either need to severely handicap the TV and add lag to match the projectors image, use a 5k projector or...

    More bollocks. Not sure which projectors you last tried out, but bollocks.

    Anyway - Illumiroom looks like one of those features that 5% of the audience can beneift from, unless they were to offer their own cheap custom projection solution that sits on your coffee table. That's was what I expected they would want to offer - a device like a kinect that sits there beaming out images after Kinect's scanned the shape of your room so it knows where the corners and the TV are.

    Regardless, here's Vizzini's PS4 price teardown and retail estimate for shits and giggles:

    vizzini wrote:

    I think the Cell 2 would actually have been the cheaper option even in R&D excluding the 2 or 4gbs of gddr5 it would also have need. I hope you are right that they can build the system and sell at a modest profit for ~400, but pricing things up from my estimates I think it will be ~500 + whatever shops think they can make.

    large HDD ~50,
    faster Bluray ~25,
    motherboard with bluetooth/wifi/gigabit ethernet/hdmi licenses ~50,
    hybrid CPU/GPU ~90,
    8GBs of gddr5 ~200,
    Cost of case/PSEye/cables/control pad and other licenses for mp4/wmv/mp3/mpeg2 etc/shipping 50

    Total guess ~465
    5% online retailer 490

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