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    Dirtbox wrote:
    What's all this '50% better' shit about? I haven't seen anything to suggest anything like that.

    Link me, please.
    Dirtbox, I think people are perhaps referring to this Digital Foundry article by Richard Leadbetter when talking about the GPU power differences.

    The key paragraphs that relate to the 50% figure here:

    In terms of the GPU hardware, hard information was difficult to come by, but one of the engineers did let slip with a significant stat - 768 operations per clock. We know that both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are based on Radeon GCN architecture and we also know that each compute unit is capable of 64 operations per clock. So, again through a process of extrapolation from the drip-feed of hard facts, the make-up of the One's GPU is confirmed - 12 compute units each capable of 64 ops/clock gives us the 768 total revealed by Microsoft and thus, by extension, the 1.2 teraflop graphics core. So that's another tick on the Durango leaked spec that has been transposed across to the final Xbox One architecture and the proof we need that PlayStation 4's 18 CU graphics core has 50 per cent more raw power than the GPU in the new Microsoft console. Now, bearing in mind that we fully expect PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to launch at similar price-points, how did this disparity come about?

    Thanks for posting that 'edited' video of the Sony conference too, had me in stitches :D
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