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    DjFlex52 wrote:
    It's really comical watching people who are "always online" complain at least once every 24 hours about a console wanting you "always online" to play games and log in once every 24 hours.

    I've had both systems for six years and they both have always been online except for 3 weeks on MS and a month on Sony.
    I don't get to game very often these days due to lack of time. I definitely spend more time browsing gaming forums than I do actually gaming, unfortunately, because it's something I can do on a phone or tablet or at work etc.

    In between gaming sessions I usually turn my console off at the wall because I'm a bit of a tree hugger and a tight arse to boot. Let's say my console is turned off for a week. Next time I turn it on presumably it will need to do a check in immediately. If my internet happens to be down at that precise moment I will be unable to use the console. Note my internet doesn't need to be down for a full 24h for me to be screwed by this DRM.

    So I guess in order to fully enjoy XB1 I need to leave it in standby all the time and able to phone home when it likes? Not really thrilled by the idea tbh.
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