#8048021, By makeamazing Will Skyrim be a 10?

  • makeamazing 8 Oct 2011 14:25:30 425 posts
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    I think a 10 might be pushing it... 8 or 9. I think Batman and UC3 have the best chances of getting a 10. While i've heard performance issues from people who went to EG for Saints Row (I hope it aint so)... still lots of time to fix that.. but that could be a 7 to 9.

    MW.. thats an interesting one, have always thought that the game was scoring way to high for what it delivered in the past, so either it will score high again, or finally it might get a bit of a backlash...

    But one thing is for certain, I won't really care what these games score from review sites, I'm getting them regardless. I've got to the point that i only use reviews for games i really have no idea about/never heard of... the top AAA games i get regardless of what reviews say, otherwise i would have missed out on Mafia 2 and Dead Island for some very shockingly bad reviews from sites. So do i care what Skyrim gets out of 10... nope... not at all :)
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