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    skuzzbag wrote:
    But as I'd imagine you've found out the single most annoying thing is when designers don't allow you to reconfigure the controller to your own setup which would greatly help those of us that could use the extra help.
    Yea, that just rubs me the wrong way...
    Rewiring the trigger for another location might be easy, but soldering the trigger to make it a digital button (on/off) instead of analog 0-100% is supposedly hard (as far as I've read on forums like this one - http://forum.teamxbox.com/showthread.php?t=611875&page=33 didn't try it myself) although doable. I did play trials HD a bit in a weird setup (1 hand grabbing a normal controller with fingers in both triggers and the analog) but I wasn't very good at it as you can imagine eheh.
    Also, having the triggers on the feet becomes second nature fast for those wondering. My feet mostly rest in the LT/RT buttons, and I don't use the LB RB as often since my fingers easily stretch over and reload (playing Gears 3 right now), but every now and then when my fingers are all tied up (in a roady run), I use the foot button as well.
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