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    MetalDog wrote:
    I'd imagine you'd have some prior foot dexterity from braking and gear changing on the bike?

    I end up one-handed sometimes when I'm trying to run two kits against each other, or when the RSI is a particular bitch and I can imagine how fucking annoying it must be to work with controllers that way all the time. I wonder if it would be possible to make a sort of mechanical solution that could clip onto standard controllers? Something that would press the standard buttons/triggers from the other side of the pad without the need for re-soldering.
    The foot dextrety in a bike ain't that big. As much as in car I guess... it becomes second nature.
    And the price of such mechanical contraption would cover opening up the controller and soldering new buttons, not to mention mechanic parts are much more likely to fail under heavy wear.

    Billy_Sastard wrote:
    It's great that these things exist for people with disabilities but I can imagine that they are very pricey.
    Actually no, they aren't good solutions for hardcore gamers, and yes they are pricey as hell. Access Controller is 150$, and 1 handed controller was 70 or 80. For that level of price I'd expect high grade durable controllers and well designed, almost as good as first party ones. They ain't though. The Access Controller is as cheap as those 5 PSX controllers that none of your mates wanted to get stuck playing when using a multitap, and the 1 handed controller, although sturdier, also had some minor problems, and the design was moronic (left stick would cover the square and L2 buttons for example).
    In the end, they just become frustrating, you have a natural handicap you have to fight against, you don't want an ultra expensive shoddy controller that won't work correctly, as a 2nd handicap.
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