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    BOBBYLUPO wrote:
    Must admit, I'm finding it very tough: Think the past few years of barely interacting with games has turned me into a cack-handed wuss.
    Completely agree with you. I think after you've played MGS2, when you get used to looking at your radar up there for guard viewcones, and then you play MGS3 and you're all "Oh God, this jungle is all green like the soldiers and they could be ANYWHERE" it's a bit of a shock. I don't remember it being this bad.

    I think as I'm getting older, I can't be doing with hard games. I don't have as much time to throw at something, so I want all the story, all the gameplay, all the experience accessible. I can't be doing with hard games at 32. They frustrate me too much. I'd prefer to lower the difficulty and enjoy the whole thing more.

    That makes me a) old and b) a wuss. :/
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