#8057068, By Quint2020 This gen's (thus far) unofficial best in show...

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    Uncharted 2 just for the sheer cinematic experience it provides, it's feels like you're playing and most importantly taking part in a big budget action movie.

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 for bringing the BF experience to consoles proper and for not taking itself too seriously, playing through a modern military shooter that wasn't afraid to make you laugh was frankly a joy.

    The Darkness for showing how to tell a story through the medium of games, the monologues through the loading screens, the option of sitting and watching a film with a main character and hearing back story while you do, all fantastic ways to flesh out the world and characters that only a game could do.

    Forza 3 because it's the best racing game I've ever played and no car feels like it was given less attention during development. The sound effects for example are pitch perfect on every car, just take a Honda, slap a racing exhaust system on it and hoon it round Tsukaba, the sound of the VTEC roar as soon as you hit 6,000 RPM is just amazing.
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