#8172994, By alasdairm XBox 360 Dashboard Update November 2011

  • alasdairm 15 Nov 2011 02:10:58 222 posts
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    Not convinced about the new design at the moment

    Any ideas what the "companion devices" option is for in the settings?

    It's not clear whether the panes are a direct link to something or link to a sub-menu

    Very messy in trying to find latest games, Indies, DLC, themes, gamer pictures - involves multiple presses of A, LB and scrolling to right pane (before this was all quite easy to see from the games marketplace tab)

    Whats with all the Rock Band 3 DLC - i'd guess about 80 of the 100 DLC slots are RBN full & demo songs, new DLC is disappearing in a day or two

    Doesn't seem to be updating for new videos - was there a new episode of Sent U a Message / Nexus & IGN Strategise this weekend? Not obvious that there is a sub-menu on the "Inside XBox" pane that takes you to the videos selections

    Where have all the your friends avatar backgrounds gone - no difference between premium themes and basic ones now, as far as I can see

    With previous dash updates at least I could see the benefits & advantages of what was being done, this new one is a step backward and not intuitive to use (can we get rid of the Bing jellyfish picture, logging on with a US account there is a much better pic)
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