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    shamblemonkee wrote:
    It's lovely, it's like a slighlty less manic version of the 86 seeing as it doesn't have that insane turbo in it - it dos still have backs or power in the upper third though andi just love the noise it makes, you can also really chuck it around like a cart, lifting off to induce oversteer into a turn and then powering out - with practice.

    i did do some running in the Asano Tourer at Imo- bologna.
    Am I right in thinking the Leonus 77 is actually the Lotus 79? Certainly looks like it, the '79 is my car of choice in iRacing and I've pretty much been running it exclusively for the last 6 months.
    They feel quite similar in terms of the ground effect.
    Absolutely brilliant car, really thrilling to drive on the edge.

    Unfortunately the new build has slashed my framerate to barely 30fps so hopefully the new lighting model will be optimised over the next week or two. The FFB feels a lot better than the last version I tried, hopefully it can continue to improve alongside the overall handling. At least I'm not weaving down the straights anymore.

    I ran a practice race at Watkins in the Leonus 86 today with a 20 strong field of random cars... Running over a Kart and sending them flying off into the distance is one of the funnisest things I've seen in a game for years!
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