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  • estoo 17 Mar 2012 21:19:04 2,879 posts
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    Have to say, the new build has taken this to a new level for me!
    I'm now getting a steady 60fps in DX9 with medium settings and the FFB feels a lot better than it did a month or 2 ago.
    The dynamic time changes are a joy to behold and the new content is getting pumped out at an astonishing rate.

    I'm still getting some nasty input lag in the DX11 version but it seems to be related to the FPS and not something fundamental like before.

    The old banking at Monza is sitting there begging to be raced on but is teasing me through some impenetrable gates at the moment.

    My favourite cars are still the old Loti, the 68 (49?) and 77 (79?) being particularly drivable. The attention to detail on the car models is amazing.
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