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    Nazo wrote:
    Has anyone got the PS3 version? I heard there were problems importing the original songs, anyone got any experience with this?
    I have the PS3 version and had no issues importing songs. I actually have the US version of Rocksmith but it was still ok. DLC bought on the US PSN store does not appear, but Euro DLC bought previously is imported fine.

    Generally really enjoying it. A significant improvement in all areas except the tuner which seems very finicky, especially on the high e.

    I have two electric guitars, the Rockband 3 Squier and a Yamaha Pacifica 012. With the Squier I couldn't get it to accept some tunings at all making certain songs unplayable. With the Yamaha I haven't had any significant issues suggesting that 2014 is much less tolerant or poor intonation (a weakness of the Squier).

    From what I've read if your guitar is fairly old having issues it might be worth getting it professionally adjusted.

    Once past the tuner it seems better at registering notes in game with less notes missed and less notes wrongly awarded as hit. Maybe as a direct consequence of the tuner being less forgiving to the original?
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