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    Just picked this up on PS3 whilst on a business trip to the US. Must say it is quite impressive so far. Only played for about 2 hours but the technology is amazing and the 'game' seems well made.

    My setup uses HDMI out for both video and audio into a 5.1 amp which passes through the video to my TV.

    Initially I was disturbed by lag in the early tutorials but then remembered that I normally have +10 avsync setting on my amp for movies. Changing this to 0 (i.e no delay) and the problem was solved. Barely any perceptible audio lag and convincing experience.

    I'm pretty much a beginner guitarist. I'm keen to learn, love music games and a sucker for new tech, yup I AM the target market for this!

    I only started playing last year and have had a few lessons and can play a few basic chords and know my way around the fret board. I own Rock Band 3 with the fender squire (my only electric) so just use that with the game. It does slightly highlight the shortcomings of this particular guitar in so far as it seems to lose tuning on the low E a bit too easily. Hardly game breaking but requires more trips to the tuning menu than I'd like.

    Great set list and decent tutorials thus far. I'm optimistic this is something I'll stick with longer than RB3 (which I kept at for about 6 months). With RB3 the gap between easy and medium was too large and having to play muted in order to actually pass songs impacted badly on the experience. With Rocksmith being able to hear your playing live is an absolute revelation! Additionally as someone with an amp but little clue on setting it up the way the game automatically configures the gain/treble/bass song by song is fantastic and adds to the authenticity of your playing.

    It is obviously a guitar trainer more than a game and if you don't want to learn there is little here for you. Similarly if you want to learn but have never so much as picked up a guitar then I can see Rocksmith very quickly becoming frustrating as the absolute basics are barely explained.

    Hope they release this in the UK as although it's a bit niche it deserves to do well. RB3 might have got there first but the technology in this truly feels like the future of music games as learning tools.
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