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  • Nazo 6 Jan 2013 17:27:57 797 posts
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    Finally took the plunge and picked this up. This is such an improvement over RB3 pro mode it makes Harmonix look a bit silly for the approach they took. Being able to actually hear what you play makes such a difference (Duh).

    That said, I prefer the string based display of Rock Band over Rock Smith's so far, I find it hard to follow where I'm supposed to be playing, I like that it highlights where you should anchor your fretting hand though.

    The adaptive difficulty seems like a good idea but it seems to ramp up way too quickly and introducing techniques / notation that hasn't been introduced yet makes it even more confusing. I'd definitely like the option of playing at a fixed difficulty when I want.

    I can definitely see this as complementing the lessons I'm taking though which RB3 never did (even though it was buying that that got me started)
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