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    @AcidSnake If you're getting cramp on that hand you should definitely warm up a little.

    An easy exercise would be (presuming five string bass):

    G ---------------------------------1-2-3-4-
    D -------------------------1-2-3-4---------
    A -----------------1-2-3-4-----------------
    E ---------1-2-3-4-------------------------
    B -1-2-3-4---------------------------------

    (Basically play the first, second, third, fourth fret then go up a string. Do that with your index finger for 1, middle finger for 2 and so on - so you only move your hand along the board and not up the neck. To that at a speed of about two notes per second (120bpm) and then play it backwards - 4-3-2-1 etc. Then play it backwards but still low string to high string).

    I'd film a few quick warmups for you, but I'm at work :D

    Had a quick listen to the song - it sounds like you're supposed to fret the bass on the first fret and then use your ring finger on fret 3 (I presume that's the finger between the little finger and the middle finger). You can probably warm up with that too - use the same warm up as before but instead of going 1-2-3-4 go 1-3 on each string. Then if you wanna be a bastard do 2-4 coming down (using the middle finger and little finger). I've got one exercise I do that's just using the ring finger (ooer) and the little finger. Hurts like a bastard.

    tl;dr - play more ;)
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