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    My Samsung TV has a game mode but it still suffers from terrible audio lag using the HDMI alone. So much so the game just is unplayable with this method.

    I've tried the xbox component cable (directly to TV with audio) but there was a lag even with game mode on and I found it hard to play.

    I've also tried the VGA cable and hooked up the red/white audio parts to a hi-fi via it's AUX inputs and that was fine, just not as sharp picture as the HDMI.

    In the end I bought a 3rd party (read cheap) audio adapter and use that to send the audio to the hi-fi with aux ports on the back whilst using hdmi for the video (turned TV volume down to zero). Luckily the hi-fi is right next to my telly so it kind of suit me well. This way I get minimal lag and a nice fuller sound, although I'm not sure the neighbours would agree :)

    EDIT: In summary analogue external speakers/stereo seems to be the way to go.

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