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    I still don't understand why, if Amazon have the standard version of Resident Evil 5 for around 34/35 for PS3 and Xbox 360, the steelbook special edition is only 5 more for the 360 but 10 more for the PlayStation. Oh well...

    Just wanting a bit of quick general advice. Between Amazon, Play.com, HMV, Game and whichever other online retailers (I rarely use any other British sites for games but am open to them if they're good), who are best at getting a product out to you as close to or on the actual release date?

    Street Fighter IV seems to be around the same price on the vast majority of sites, between 27-99 and 29-99, and most offer free postage. I was hoping to order it now and actually receive it on the Friday it comes out, rather than having to wait over the weekend.

    Any opinions on which of the big online game retailers are best at this kind of thing? It's been so long since I last preordered and bought a game from any of them that I can't remember which are the fastest at getting it to you the day it's released.
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