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    They are renaming the same sale with almost the same items every week.
    I've noticed with Play that the same items are 'on sale' for the same price, regardless of whether they're in a sale or not.

    Isn't there some sort of law around the use of the word 'sale'. i.e. that the items in the sale must have been sold for a consistently higher price for the last X amount of days?

    I used to work on the Tesco website (about a year ago but i'm sure I remember the law) Basically, before you can advertise a "sale" price, the original price had to be displayed for 28days.

    I suppose it doesn't matter that they keep putting the items in different sales, just as long as they had listed the item for 28days at some point.

    In the old days you only had to have them at the previous pricepoint for 28 days if you were using a 'Was X, Now Y' message. However I believe recently they have changed it from 28 days to 'a reasonable length of time', so basically it doesn't apply anymore.

    If you are just doing a straight sale (ie, no was/now stuff) then you can change the prices about as much as you want.
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