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    TeleFunken wrote:
    Music games are finally dead. Rock Band 3 has sold tragically and rightly so. They've milked customers too many times now - even if RB3 is the best game in the world it's come too quickly and at too high a price.

    Not played RB3 yet, but I'd argue it's come too late... the pro modes seem to be trying to really blur the line between game and playing for real and it's something I'm looking forward to trying out.

    I bought the RB2 triple cymbal pack as soon as I got my beatles kit and I've always tried to hit the correct cymbal/tom when playing the previous games. As someone who's drum experience was entirely based around the steering wheel of me car, I can actually now play some drum beats and also find myself visualising beats when listing to tunes.

    I'm hoping the pro guitar modes (when I get round to getting a pro guitar) will actually kick on my real playing which has stayed at the same half arsed level for the past 20 years.

    Poor instrument availabilty over here has actually led to Harmonix doing anything but milking their customers. Their DLC policy across all their games has also shown a distinct lack of milky milky. Well, my in opinion anyway.

    Now, please all go and buy Beatles DLC so they make some more!

    Back on thread... errrmmm.... saw some stuff cheap in Asda too.

    edit: that said, instrument prices (rb originally... then beatles) have been pretty horrific... I didn't pay anywhere near launch prices though. Even picked up the portable drum kit for 6 which means I've got an extra pedal for pro mode :)
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