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    jagg3r wrote:
    geeza2020 wrote:
    Anyone know any good deals going for a years xbox gold live membership?

    Pretty frustrated at the moment as MS were showing an ad for a years membership for half price (about 20) towards the end of my last sub, but I had to wait for payday before I could renew. So when payday came around, I got home and checked out the 360 dash to find the deal had been replaced with a "Buy a years gold membership and get 800 mspoints free" piece of shit deal. And today, there is no deal at all, so thanks MS, glad to see my two years of custom mean abso-fucking-lutely nothing to you >:|

    I just bought 4200 points from here earlier today, no probs, code in about 10 mins, works fine
    For me it's two hours since the paypal payment went through but no code yet. So I'm thinking you run a highly sophisticated con to get my hard-earned Euros.
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