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    L.A. Noire is 15 in Morrison's. 360, don't know about PS3
    Did the goty ever come out for 360 ? never seen it, and although it is advertised online, I have yet to see one "in stock"

    it did but availability seems very low
    I got the 360 version (in a nice cardboard gate fold case) for 17.99 in Blockbusters at the weekend.
    Good lad.
    Stop messin' about ;)

    Is the dlc on a seperate disc ? if so, don't forget to sell it to your old mate Duffman when you have done.
    All I know is it comes on 4 DVD's.

    Also you'll be waiting a long time. I don't sell or trade in my games even after completing them.
    Well as the regular game comes on 3 DVDs I'm guessing either the DLC is on the 4th, or interspersed throughout the plot and they've shifted the points at which you swap discs. More likely to be the latter.
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