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    the_dudefather wrote:
    JayG wrote:
    ram wrote:
    I've just pre-ordered Hitman Asbo PC download for 20.25 at greenmangaming using code GMG25-EVFWS-4Z4ZN
    Just in case anyone missed this, that 25% is for all PC downloads except UFO. Grabbed Hitman, and very tempted to get ASS Creed 3 for the same price.
    They must've just removed XCOM from the offer, got that a few days ago with the voucher

    Preordered Dishonored last night through them too, shame you don't get the key until day of release though, so no preloading :(
    Yep, looks like the XCOM deal has changed now. You get a free Civ 5 with it instead I think.

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