#9184576, By The All New Bargains Thread

  • Deleted user 27 November 2012 15:46:44
    Anyone got one of these Dells? Any comments? Particularly interested in how quiet/noisy they are...

    A pretty decent deal for a Dell PC, originally posted on HUKD. I was going to order it for a colleague, but have decided to keep it for myself, as my home PC is an old Quad Core Core2 and is getting a bit long in the tooth. 370 for a Dell XPS 8500:


    Use the code BBWTC4RT675BD6 for 10 % off and then 9BDPN3HHGH91DZ for a further 100 discount. Ditch the mouse and save a further 20.

    Seemed like a good price for the spec. I should be able to take the gpu out of my current PC to improve performance, and up the RAM cheaply. Might pick up a cheap SSD for the system software.

    It also means I get to try out Windows 8 :\

    /keeps Windows 7 disk to hand
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