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    Bought this a couple of weeks ago but only just sunk my teeth into it. Awesome! I was a massive fan of the DS game and I was a bit underwelmed initially (50cc seemed way too slow and easy). The flying sections were really enjoyable though.

    Started to really enjoy it on 100cc. Had a few online races (and how easy it was to get going, relatively speaking).

    So I was reading something online which mentioned the cockpit view. "ERRRRM WHAT?", I thought. I didn't know about this feature at all! Tried it out and thought it worked ok after a few minutes. The game feels faster with the cockpit view, but the gyro controls weren't doing it for me. Anyways, I turned the gyro off and....there's no going back. The cock-pit view with stick control is awesome. The 3D effect is actually noticeable now, as a little bonus.

    Does anyone else use the cockpit view? If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend it wholeheartedly with the gyro off and 3D on.

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