#8103240, By makeamazing The Wii has been a "fail" has it?

  • makeamazing 23 Oct 2011 13:06:22 425 posts
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    I had never owned a nintendo product before the wii, and was totally suckered into getting it by their great marketing (that will never happen again)... only to find it was total crap.. sorry i am a graphics whore and i have learnt my lesson, and any pretend marketing from Nintendo about Wii-U being better than the current gen.. i just don't believe it.

    With regards to Wii being successful, yes there is no doubt, but a successful "games" machine, well thats up for debate, because when you have sold more consoles to the older generation who purchased one for Wii Fit, then i do have to argue the fact that its a successful games machine :)
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