#8981762, By Netflix (US FAQ in OP)

  • Deleted user 4 September 2012 21:20:51
    I've about had it with the app for the 360. It's fucking abysmally awful and it should be taken down until it is fixed and actually made usable. The same goes for the MLB.tv app to a lesser extent.

    Netflix doesn't work 75% of the time and when it does there a 50/50 chance it'll be slow as fuck.

    I have my PS3 downstairs and it works every single time with no issue, i've even swapped it with the 360 upstairs and it still worked whilst the 360 didn't. My fucking Wii worked after being in a box for nearly 2 years when i installed and tried the app to see if it was a problem on my end. Both my desktop and laptop work and a friends iPad worked fine when he brought it over.

    The 360 app takes multiple attempts and reboots to get past the swirly looking circle, red "Netflix" screen.
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