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    Can I pick your brains people.

    I thought my graphics card died a few months ago. Screen went garbled then would boot up with no signal going to my monitor but I could hear it go into windows. I recently got a few cables off my brother so thought I'd mess around on the off chance they would work. The DVI - DVI cable didn't work, but DVI - VGA on my monitor did but the screen has strange yellow lines running through it, with some flickering on and off at the top.

    My conclusion is that my monitor PC inputs (runs component from xbox fine) are at fault, with DVI totally gone and VGA faulty. Does this sound the most sensible conclusion or could I be missing something?

    I can't be sure the problem with the VGA isn't down to the graphics card, but I am reasoning that the graphics card must be outputting down the DVI cables I have used and due to the monitor not picking up anything through DVI then most likely the VGA input is screwed as well.

    Extra detail - I have used both DVI outputs on my graphics card and I get the same results.

    Thanks for any input. No pun intended.
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