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    I bought a Radeon HD6670 an put in in my computer. My PSU is 300w and the reccomended PSU is 400w but plenty of forums said it would be fine.

    over the last few months occasionally the PC would the monitor would just turn off and the only way to get it to come back on was to hard restart the PC.

    I ran a diagnostic and it said that the hard drive was failing.

    Now the hard drive has completely died, files started corrupting and then it eventually it would not boot any more.

    my questions are

    Can the underpowered PSU have caused the hard drive to fail or is this just a coincidence?

    I have ordered a new harddrive but should I take the grapics card back out until I can afford a PSU some time in the new year.

    As a console gamer I don't have much experience with this side of PC's so any advice would be great

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