#8163942, By Tio Fusion: Genesis

  • Tio 11 Nov 2011 05:25:27 152 posts
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    This truly has the feel of an MMO.

    I seem to have no idea as to what I am doing and I am convinced I am missing huge chunks of the game. After 4 hours play I realised I had 22 spec points to level up my little Sentenial. When I try to buy a weapon I get the message "this weapon will scale down" , I gues this is something to do with the ship I am flying , but there is little indication as to how much it has scaled down or what I can do to scale it up again.

    The main point is............ I am loving it. The sense of exploration and learning is very enjoyable.
    Yes it was the "wrong" week to release it
    Yes the menus have a steep learning curve

    Mosthly tho.. YES , I LOVE IT !!
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