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  • telboy007 15 Nov 2011 09:02:48 2,230 posts
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    Okay, played this game for a few hours last night. It is bloody confusing, thankfully I'd read the comments here which helped massively.

    So anyway, in the pretoreate(sp) and flying in a cruiser of massive death, even did a legion raid which someone dropped in and out of.

    All good so far, enjoying it.

    My online problem seems to have fixed itself but it signed me out of xbox live on first load, signed in again and launched game. Seemed to do the trick.

    Found two bugs, one where the ai controls your ship in missions randomly, you can't shoot and you eventually die from enemy fire. Nice. Don't know how to get around it, but I've not repeated the mission.

    Second, the UI whizzed off map so all you see is a black screen and the hud while your ship is nowhere to be seen. Pressing the xbox guide button and going back into game clears that issue.
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