#8142013, By George-Roper Games frequently crash randomly

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    Aargh. wrote:
    George-Roper wrote:
    Download OCCT and give your system a stress-test (completely at your own risk, I might add). Also get Memtest down, burn a CD or drop it into a USB stick and set it to boot from BIOS. Leave it going overnight.
    Nothing like overkill to start with.

    Uninstall your existing drivers and do a basic cleanup (ccleaner), install the latest drivers.

    Your easiest solution is to do a clean install of windows.
    How is it 'overkill' to perform basic system stability tests? Memtest is about as bog-standard as can be, for anyone to test their memory with and there's nothing wrong with stressing the system out OCCT because if that thing doesn't cause anything to crash, you can be at least confident that there isn't a fundamental problem with your hardware.

    The fact is, some games are hard-locking his system. He has to do a full PC restart to get operational again. In my experience with PCs, that has more potential to be a hardware problem than software.

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