#8142231, By George-Roper Games frequently crash randomly

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    Darren wrote:
    I don't think the original poster said he was experiencing his PC freezing up, George-Roper, which might suggest a potential hardware problem, just that the games themselves freeze before they crash back to the desktop with an error. At least that's how I read it. His other games (most of them) are running fine, including Battlefield 3 and The Witcher 2, which are far more demanding games than the ones he is having problems with so I'd say it is very unlikely to be hardware related otherwise they too would crash.

    Application crashes can be caused by many things, including unstable memory (though rarely for specific games only unless they use more RAM than the others), but in my experience these issues tend to be either bugs in the games themselves or some other software conflict/bug such as outdated or corrupted drivers, dodgy anti-virus/spyware software, etc., etc.
    He did...

    "I just launched Deus Ex: Human Revolution to check temps, but then the entire game froze, even Alt+Ctrl+Del didn't work, had to reboot my computer..."
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