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    Anyone following this? Sitcom of the old variety (set in one place) with Russell Tovey and a permasemiundressed Sarah Solemani as stay-in-bed-and-shag-and-only-get-up-to-answer-the-door-for-the-pizza-delivery twenty something types. Crude but quite slyly observant of the banality of that part of life where you just want to shag and watch Inspector Morse on DVD.

    Has some cracking bits along the lines of:

    Steve (screaming): "no don't touch the spider, I've read on the Internet you can get AIDS from it!"
    Paul (speaking to best man Steve about Paul's upcoming stag do): "Steve, I got three words for you - cocaine, whores and violence"
    Dan (Steve's meek neighbour): "we split up because she was at a family barbecue and you know how it goes, one thing led to another and she fucked her uncle in the potting shed"

    Well, I enjoy it, but then I am a bit strange.
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