#8160534, By C.CFanboy I bet third parties make more money on Wii U than 720

  • C.CFanboy 10 Nov 2011 09:09:23 44 posts
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    The Japanese ones. Remember how Gamecube was getting more RPGs than Xbox? Thats because third party studios in Japan were making more money on it. Soul Calibur II sold a lot more on Gamecube than it did on Xbox. No matter what the PS2 got more games and people made the most money there but people tend to forget that Japanese companies jumped off Xbox as fast as they were on it. Sega being a notable one. The only one that stayed there was Tecmo but thats because Itagaki loved the power the Xbox had and Microsoft put strong backing behind his games. If Nintendo win back their core fanbase (they already won me over) then I can seriously see something like Tekken selling more on Wii U than the next Xbox. Capcom were definitely making more on Gamecube than Xbox. Its pretty much the Wii at fault. I'm no real fan of the console myself. If Nintendo put strong backing behind the third parties I can see them selling well. Nintendo fans are more appreciative of those kinds of games than Xbox owners.
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