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    Yeah that's what I thought. Thanks for your help.

    I have no doubt the buyer has broke it or done something. Apparently there is a scam where people have been known to send back broke ones and get their money back. The buyer is a total joke, leaving me positive feedback, waiting a week then reporting it, then they took a week to reply to my reply email. They also said as soon as it broke they went and brought a new one, really? Would you do that? IF you'd paid 300 you'd want that money back kind of quick.

    I've told ebay if I don't get it all back there will be no refund.

    As long as I know I can get it fixed, I'm actually not totally sure the buyer is going to send it back. I was the one who escalated the case as the buyer wasn't replying to me when I said I wanted it sent back, ebay have advised the buyer hasn't contacted them but in the mean time they have found in their favour as they usually do and told them to send it back via recorded delivery, whether the buyer does is another story but they've had this Xbox for 3 weeks now.
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